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How to Access Free Materia Medica PDFs Online

If you are generating a PDF of a journal article or book chapter, please feel free to enter the title and author information. The information you enter here will be stored in the downloaded file to assist you in managing your downloaded PDFs locally.

The compelling demand of the tenth edition of this book is convincing proof that Dr. Allen left an indestructible monument of homeopathic materia medica, one that is true to Homeopathy and immensely helpful to every physician who consults it.

materia medica pdf free download

The scanned text used to begin the current translation project was obtained from As a copy of the translation by Julius Berendes in 1902, it has entered the public domain in the United States and various other countries. The text was originally scanned by Schwab Lotti (, and underwent further spelling corrections. Chapter numbering and comments by Berendes are missing from the current scan. The scanned version was distributed under a free noncommercial license provided a disclaimer is included, but because this license is incompatible with Wikimedia projects the disclaimer and any other material postdating Berendes must be removed.

A 1655 English translation by John Goodyer was edited and copyrighted by Robert Gunther in 1933 and edited and copyrighted by Tess Olbaldeston in 2000 (Modern English version available for free download). Please note that text from this source cannot be copied and pasted into Wikisource, nor should editors rely on it while translating the German text for Wikisource. However, the volume credits a number of black and white illustrations to sources in the public domain.


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