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Roots Of Insanity Download PC Game Fix

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Roots of Insanity Download PC Game

Roots of Insanity has been developed and published under the banner of Crania Games. This game was released on 5th April, 2017. You can also download Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location.

In Roots of Insanity you are playing as Dr Riley McClein and you have been given t he night shift duty at August Valentine Hospital. This ordinary night shift has turned into a night of horror and chaos. Now its up to you to uncover the mysteries behind this chaos and horro. You have to survive the night and keep your sanity. Roots of Insanity has got an immersive combat system which will let you hack, slash, shoot and kick for your life. This game has got many twists and turns and the storyline is also very unique. Roots of Insanity has got random loot system and the visuals of impressive as well. You may also like to download Five Nights at Freddys Halloween. 041b061a72


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