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Prototype Language Problem Solved: How to Play the Game in English

i've never been a huge fan of strategy games. they usually involve clicking a lot of units around a map and feel very repetitive. fortunately, the outer worlds got pretty close to making me change my mind. i'm kind of surprised this game is actually getting developed (by obsidian) considering it doesn't seem to have many people behind it. it does look like a great game and when i first saw it on kickstarter, i was excited to give it a try. not only is it completely unpretentious and free to play, but it's also a first-person rpg with turn-based combat. it's one of those games that i'd describe as "rpg class, comedy, action". anyways, the outer worlds has been getting a lot of attention lately and it looks like it might just be a game that people will actually like. apparently, according to take two's ceo, the outer worlds sold 250k copies in the first month of its release and obsidian is already working on the next edition for next year. the outer worlds is expected to be released next year and there will be three expansions available after that.

Prototype PC Game Patch English Language

what happens when you combine a backpack of roleplay and strategy and a huge open world with a core of procedural content and a huge leveling system? you get darklands. it is a unique take on the rpg genre of fantasy strategy. this game is what i would describe as like playing kingdom of hearts with a bunch of buddies where every time you get to a boss you get to make it much easier. if you like diablo, the secret world, or games with massive endgame content (aion, asheron's call, final fantasy vii, etc), give darklands a try. it has a lot of flaws which i will be addressing in this review, but the core gameplay of darklands is worth giving a try.


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