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Buy Emerald Online

8.) Brahma Gems is a one-stop destination for unheated-untreated, natural and government-certified and jyotish-approved gemstones. You can buy the best quality and pure emerald online as well as offline from the store.

buy emerald online


Price of an emerald or Panna will start from Rs500 ($7) per carat and will go up to 100000 ($1427) per carat or above, depending upon all the factors which include CUT, COLOR, CLARITY, ORIGIN/SOURCE & TREATMENTS.

Emerald gemstone with the fresh lively color is one of the most attractive gemstones. Not only because of its color but also because it counts among the Big Three in the world of colored gemstones - rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. However. in most cases, emerald doesn't work. Do you know why? Let's find out!

As a common rule, you should wash your emerald a few times a year. Some individuals take their jewelry to an expert to have it washed, however, you can also take care of your emeralds yourself. Just comprehend these instructions:

Indian Astrology allocates the stone for Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) Rashi. Western astrology suggests emerald stone for Kark (Cancer) Rashi. Ascendants of Tauras, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius can too wear the stone.

Emerald gemstone quality depends on Color (Hue, Tone, and Saturation), Transparency or Clarity, weight, Cut and surface finish. Emerald stones commonly have natural inclusions. Very transparent and inclusions free emeralds are very rare and thus highly expensive. BrahmaGems deal in best quality, Certified Natural Emerald gemstones at wholesale price.

Part of the beryl family, it takes a lot for a magnificent emerald to form. Perfect heat and pressure paired with all the right trace elements create a dreamlike, vividly green colored gemstone. Buying gemstones with certificates from a reputable laboratory always adds authenticity and reliability. At each purchase comes with a supporting third party certificate that gives a detailed account of the gemstone.

Color: An evenly colored green or bluish-green with strong saturation and no hints of darkness is the most prized color for an exotic emerald. Colored by the presence of chromium, vanadium and iron, these opulent gems, although available in a range of greens, finding the right color that instantly connects with you is most important.

Clarity: Clarity features go hand in hand with natural emeralds. Often filled with a range of inclusions that list out the different growing conditions, it is incredibly rare to find an Real emerald with no internal clarity characteristics. Termed Jardin in French, calcite and pyrite crystals in Colombian emeralds, fractures, tubes, 2-3 phase inclusions in Brazilian gems, and dendritic oxide in Zambian gems are some inclusions that make a usual appearance. These internal features can sometimes even add to the value of a gemstone.

Size & Cut: A wide range of sizes with some of the smallest gems under 5mm in size, larger gems can weigh over 15 carats. India, a big cutting hub to the world, has artisans that can create beautiful pieces from natural rough. Cabochons and longer faceted gems like rectangular emerald cuts generally pair well with the emerald rough producing maximum output.

Treatments: A common practice when it comes to natural emerald stone, most treatments include oiling with common baby oil. Although oiling is an accepted treatment globally, other treatments like epoxy fillers and resins must be disclosed at the time of purchase as these can lower the value of the emerald.

Emerald gemstone is found in these origin Ethiopian emeralds, Insignificant oil emerald, Minor oil emerald, Panjshir emerald, Swat emerald, Russian emerald, Vivid green emerald, Zambian emerald, Columbian emerald.

Color is key when it comes to vedic healing and astrology. Columbian emeralds radiate a mesmerizing bluish-green whereas Zambian emeralds tend to embody a true alpine green with an occasional darker tone. Both these gemstone mines offer superior quality and colored gems and once you have selected a color that appeals to you, it is always best to speak to an astrologer.

Oil filling is a common practice in emeralds globally and is acceptable when it comes to astrology. This is restricted however to common baby oil, without any added color. When it comes to coloring agents and semi permanent fillings like epoxy and various others, those tend to lower value and should be avoided. At Navratan, a reliable third party certificate details all there is to know about the gemstone with treatments disclosed. Always check gems with an astrologer for an accurate consultation.

Narrowing down on a reputable gemstone dealer is key. At Navratan, with generations of experience, our transparent operation offers authenticity and quality in every piece. Natural emeralds that radiate a pure bluish-green color with no jarring inclusions could be priced anywhere between INR 2000 a carat to 20,000 per carat depending on its origin. Always look for a certificate and base the price of the gemstone of the clarity, size, color or the gemstone.

Emeralds inevitably come with internal features, from fractures to feathers and sometimes even crystals and phase inclusions. Natural inclusions are always present and accepted in the trade as they add character and individuality to the gem. Fractures and breaks on the surface of the emerald should be avoided, as they tend to reduce the quality of the cut of the gemstone.

At Navratan, the online gem Bazar, we offer true beauty with purity altogether. We are specialized in crafting and delivering the finest and natural gemstones online. Our roots in this line of business go back four generations and we continue the same quality of excellence & trust by today.

Besides easy return facility, with Navratan, one can effortlessly explore a wide range of all Navratan gemstones online. From precious gemstones like Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies to semiprecious like Amethyst, Cat's Eye and many othersthat you can simply place your gemstone order online and get a readily safe doorstep delivery along with an authenticity certificate anywhere in the world.

If you're looking for a nice emerald at the best price, look no further than James Allen. Using their 360 zoom technology, you can inspect the jardin, or the garden in which emerald inclusions grow.

Brilliant Earth has a medium-sized collection of loose emeralds, but the inventory is frequently changing because people keep buying. At this point in time, they have around 50 loose emerald gemstones.

There's a mixed variation of shapes among both natural and lab created emeralds. The natural emeralds are treated by oiling, so make sure you don't steam clean. You'll find more about emerald treatments in the FAQ.

They have their natural emeralds divided in titles. Some natural ones remain untitled, while others are Premium and Super Premium. Just from looking, there's a few emeralds that I think don't really differ between unnamed and premium, but I can definitely tell the Super Premium from the Premium.

Not only do they carry loose emeralds, but they've also got a small collection of preset emerald jewelry too. These include mainly earrings and necklaces, like this unique olive branch lab grown emerald and diamond pendant below:

You also won't be able to add it if you're only shopping online without a diamond expert. You'll also want to give them a call after you purchase to have them add that on there. Super inconvenient I know, but maybe they'll change it in the future.

Emeralds at Blue Nile don't come loose, but preset in different jewelry pieces. I like their selection because it's perfect for any looking for high quality emerald jewelry. Now, if you're looking for cheaper pieces under $500, you won't find a ton of options at Blue Nile.

All of their emerald jewelry is natural and set in either gold or platinum. If you're looking for rose gold, they only seem to have options in yellow or white. Blue Nile would be a good choice if you're looking to spend the same amount you would on a 1 carat diamond engagement ring on an emerald instead.

And for those of you with wallets bursting at the seams (we're jealous), you have the option of purchasing from Blue Nile's Extraordinary collection, featuring the best of Blue Nile with some hefty prices. Check out this gorgeous emerald, sapphire, and diamond ring valued at a staggering $52,000:

Why I Like James Allen More: While Blue Nile has some gorgeous pieces, I wish I had some loose emeralds to choose from. Personally, I feel more confident in buying jewelry I have more of a say in. Emeralds are known to have inclusions, so I'd rather be able to look under a viewer like James Allen's to really observe the characteristics to make sure I like where the inclusions are located.

They are also untreated, so they'll retain that deep green color. They have a few pages of loose emeralds to choose from. You'll also know the origin of the stone. They have a variety of shapes too that can be added to either a ring setting or to create an emerald necklace.

Why James Allen is Better: Leibish and Co. does have gorgeous high quality emeralds, but James Allen has more emeralds suited for the everyday buyer. They have many different loose emeralds under the minimum price of what Leibish & Co. has to offer.

It depends on where you get it from, the quality, and what it is set in. If you are looking at a 14K yellow gold Columbian emerald pendant marked as AA quality, it's going to be more expensive. But if you've got lighter green emerald with inclusions all around, it won't be as expensive.

If you buy emerald jewelry at a physical retailer like Jared or Kays, you'll notice they don't carry natural gemstones or even set them in 14K for the most part, unless it's through their LeVian collection.

And emeralds through LeVian cost way more than they need to. Often times you'll have to order a stone in and custom make an engagement ring in 14K gold. These stores will then charge an arm and a leg for the work, and take weeks doing so. Any of the online guys we've mentioned won't do that. 041b061a72


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