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CLANNAD HD Edition Download PC Game LINK

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CLANNAD HD Edition Download PC Game

The first consumer console port of the game was released for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) on February 23, 2006, by Interchannel.[25][26] The PS2 version was re-released as a "Best" version on July 30, 2009.[27][28] The PS2 version was bundled in a "Key 3-Part Work Premium Box" package together with the PS2 versions of Kanon and Air released on July 30, 2009.[29] An Xbox 360 version was released on August 28, 2008, also by Prototype.[30] A PlayStation 3 (PS3) version was released by Prototype on April 21, 2011.[31] A downloadable version of the PS3 release via the PlayStation Store was released by Prototype on February 14, 2013.[32]

A version produced by NTT DoCoMo playable on FOMA mobile phones was released by Prototype through VisualArt's Motto on November 26, 2007.[33] Prototype later released a version playable on SoftBank 3G phones on January 16, 2008.[34][35] A version playable on Android devices was released on September 18, 2012.[36][37] A PlayStation Portable (PSP) version of the game was released in Japan on May 29, 2008, by Prototype, which included the additions from the Windows full voice version.[38][39] The limited edition release of the PSP and Xbox 360 versions came bundled with a "digest" edition of the drama CD series released by Prototype containing five separate stories each; the CD bundled with the PSP release is different from the CD bundled with the Xbox 360 version.[30][38] Prototype also released a port of the game for the PlayStation Vita on August 14, 2014, to mark the 10-year anniversary of the game.[40][41] Prototype released a PlayStation 4 port on June 14, 2018, with text support for both Japanese and English.[42][43] Prototype released a Nintendo Switch port on July 4, 2019, again with text support for both Japanese and English,[44] and a digital release of the game became available on the Nintendo eShop on the same day.[45] A physical release of the Switch port will receive a limited physical release in a regular and collector's edition via Limited Run Games for a six-week preorder period from April 14 to May 29, 2020.[46][47]

There are two separate sets of drama CDs based on the Clannad series. The first set, produced by Frontier Works, contains five CDs each focusing on a different heroine in Clannad's story ranging from Nagisa, to Kotomi, Fuko, Kyou, and Tomoyo. The first volume was released in Japan on April 25, 2007, as a limited edition with an extra track added. The second through fifth volumes followed in one month increments between May 25, 2007, and August 24, 2007.[94] The second set, produced by Prototype, contains four CDs; the first was released on July 25, 2007. Volumes two through four were released in one month intervals after that, with the last being released on October 24, 2007.[95] Each CD is based on the stories from the Official Another Story Clannad: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de collection. The artist GotoP, who provided the illustrations for the short stories, also illustrates the drama CD covers.[95] The drama CDs, with text and visuals, are available as downloadable content via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store when playing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Clannad, respectively.[30][31]

Across the national ranking of bishōjo games in amount sold in Japan, the Clannad limited edition Windows release premiered at number one twice since its release,[131] and the third ranking brought the Windows release down to 46 out of 50.[132] The first two weeks of June 2004 held the final ranking for the original release at 40 out of 50.[133] The Clannad regular edition Windows release premiered at number 26 in the rankings.[134] The next two rankings for the regular edition were at 37 and 41.[135] According to sales information taken from the Japanese Amazon website, the original Windows version of Clannad sold 100,560 copies in 2004.[136] Clannad Full Voice ranked twice in terms of highest selling PC games nationally in Japan, achieving sales rankings of 7 and 20 in February and March 2008, respectively.[137][138] For the week of April 18, 2011, the PlayStation 3 port of Clannad sold 7,466 units.[139] The console versions of Clannad had sold over 113,000 copies by April 18, 2011,[140][141] and 122,393 copies as of 2019[update].[142] The two-volume PSP editions of Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de sold 28,984 copies by the end of 2010.[141] The English release of the Windows version debuted on the Steam charts at number three, above Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Grand Theft Auto V, and just below Fallout 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.[23][143]

The visual novel and the animated adaptations including the two TV series and film have received high sales figures in Japan. Across the national ranking of bishōjo games in amount sold in Japan, the Clannad limited edition PC release premiered at number one twice since its release, and the third ranking brought the PC release down to forty-six out of fifty. Out of eight DVDs released for the first Clannad anime TV series, six were ranked first during their first week of sales for anime DVDs in Japan. Out of eight DVDs released for Clannad After Story, seven were ranked first during their first week of sales. The special edition film DVD first ranked at number three during its first week of sales.

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Clannad was not released outside of Japan for many years and could only be played in English with the use of unofficial, and incomplete, translation patches created by fans until Sekai Project ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to localize the "Full Voice Edition" of Clannad. The campaign was successful, raising over $540,000, and Sekai eventually released Clannad on Steam in November of 2015. Sekai's version of Clannad included HD assets from the console ports as well as a new in-game encyclopedia that contained entries that elaborated on Japanese cultural references used in the game. Prototype's PlayStation 4 port released in June 2018 also contained an English language option allowing players to switch between the Japanese script and Sekai's English translation, which lead to Prototype making the PS4 release available in North America as a digital-only title on June 21st. The same was later done for Clannad's Nintendo Switch port in 2019 with the game releasing in Japan and in North America as a digital download on July 4th.

This means that those who want to play it without knowing a word of Japanese will be able to, after importing the game or downloading it from the Japanese PlayStation Store (you'll need a Japanese account, which you can get by following our handy guide)

I cant find info on clannad being on the dreamcast, and to be honest i am not a fan of VN, the only ones i enjoy were Dysfunctional Systems, and Kamidori (yeah hentai VN but is actually a pretty good game)

As far as what you linked, those were the prices for the earlier editions of the game, which yes, were close to as much as $70 in price- thus supporting my comment that the price has dropped over time, and it's weird we got a price bump.

Keep in mind that fan translations have existed since the game first game out- and that you can even now still order a retail box copy of the memorial edition from Japan, with shipping and all included, for around $50 USD.. Perhaps for less, I didn't look too hard.

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